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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 31, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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loma prieta and the campuses were not touched by the fire but where they hold music and art and gym were impacted. here is a picture from cal fire santa cruz county, the flames when they arrived at 11 o'clock last night, a second alarm was called because of the size of the fire and the threat to the buildings. a sheriff substation, the loma prieta school district facilities and fec support and the community meeting room were destroyed. fires kept the fire from videoing to the gym after cutting holes to the roof to less the heat and smoke escape. but that will remain standing and could be used in the future. art and music is held at the community room. several musical instruments and ipad and other computers were destroyed. firefighters will be here all day. the santa cruz sheriff said that
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it appears to be suspicious but cal fire said it is too early to cal fire said it is too early to determine a cause. construction accident over the weekend. amy hollyfield is near 101. you just drove through. what is the condition now? >> we drove right through. good morning. all lanes are open. [ inaudible ] we do have a couple of off-ramp closings much they are at broadway, both directions, on-and-off ramps can they are working on getting them open. it should be a nice commute. it was a rough weekend for people on the peninsula with the main arteries shut down because of construction action that happened on friday night on a project with pg&e and electrical tower was damaged.
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they had to shut it down at 9:30 on friday night. it opened saturday afternoon. they had to close it sunday night again to get the work done. they say it went smoothly and they are pleased with the work and c.h.p. said there were a couple of people driving through the closures and ignores the cone so c.h.p. was this to parole and tell people to get out of there and go around but nothing major, no major problems. for all of the people who were coming up with plan "b" for the commute, you do not have to rely on it you can use highway 101. >> great news, amy. it is now 4:32. great oakland international airport this morning, southwest airlines has launched an internal investigation after plane wing tip was damaged after clipping another plane's wing. here is what the damage looked like a photo taken by a passenger at john wayne airport in orange county. the plane was pushed back to the gate and the two boeing 73s
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came into contact with each other. there were no passengers on the other plane that arrived from idaho yesterday evening. >> we were told that, the passengers were saying we have been hit and that part of the plane was missing. >> southwest temperatures abc7 that there were no injuries reported to the passengers or crew. the delight was canceled. passengers are rebooked on other departures threing today. >> federal appeals court will hear arguments challenging the constitutionality of the california death penalty. a panel of the 9th circuit court will hear arguments in pasadena today. last year a judge ruled the state's death penalty violates the ban on cruel and unusual punishment. credittics say california takes longer than most states to execute prisoners. since 1978, only 13 of the 900 people on death row have been executed. in the same amount of time, 94
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people have died from natural causes on death row. >> south san francisco police officers are forced to shoot an armed man because he did not drop the shotgun. it happened yesterday morning after a 9-1-1 call of a man walking down the street with a shotgun 79 a witness who did not want his face on camera said the suspect pointed his gun at officers. >> told him to get on the ground, get on the ground, and the guy advanced to the police officer and he raise add long object what appeared to be a shot gun, raised it and the cop, bang, one shot and he fell to the ground. >> the man is in stable condition. residents say they do not recognize the man as being from the neighbor. >> the map accused of killing a sheriff deputy in next will be arraigned in court this morning. 30-year-old shannon miles is charged with capital murder at 47-year-old darren goforth was gunned down on friday night. darren goforth was at a gas station fueling the patrol car when he was killed. a vigil was hemmed in his memory
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last night. hundreds of people marched from the churches to the gassization where he was -- gas station where he was killed. there are no motives behind the killing. the family of adam ward will celebrate his life with a reconception at his former while. the 27-year-old was planning his wedding and reporter allison parker were gunned down on live tv by a former co-worker. the co-worker took his own life. ward's funeral is held tomorrow morning. >> happening today, the supreme court will get the first chance to respond to religious liberty advocates who say the ruling in favor of same-sex marriage threatens their rights. kentucky county clerk kim davis refused to issue licenses since the supreme court made same-sex marriage the law of the land. she said issuing a license to a gay couple violates her religious beliefs. a judge ordered her to issue the listens. lawyers are asking for a temporary shield from lawsuits
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and court orders that could result in her losing her job or paying damages. >> police are investigating two reports of flashers in the past week, in the latest case a woman said a man followed her to a parking garage near stanford university and hid in a stairwell. she pulled over a few blocks away, the man was back, knocking on her window with his pans pulled down. another woman reported a flasher on the bicycle near monroe park last tuesday. >> firefighters are on guard for flareups from a destructive fire in martinez. the fire district tweeted the pictures showing flames destroying one of two small buildings yesterday afternoon. investigators say it started as a vehicle fire we with names racing through dry brush along franklin canyon road. the fire burned seven acres before crews got it under control. >> we will check out the traffic right now and the good news is through the peninsula, through broadway there are big problems.
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good morning, everyone, hope everyone had a wonderful welcome we have smooth traffic headed out of the east bay to san francisco. now, it wasn't so smooth but bumpy this weekend when 101 completely shut down in the northbound and southbound direction through burlingame but the good news is that all lanes have re-opened northbound and southbound side, but, broadway off-ramps are shut down in approximately noon when all the power lines have fallen on to the freeway so that should things down completely and now the commute should not be affected with the exception of the broadway ramps. the south bay commute is in a few minutes and we go over to meteorologist mike nicco with the weather. >> thank you, leyla. good morning, everyone, in san francisco, west portal is 57, and sunny side and ocean beach is 59, and crissy field, and mission, and downtown bayview at 60. 63 coming through the ferry building. 66 is the warm spot in glen park. the temperatures are cooler this
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morning because of the lack of cloud cover. we have 56 at palo alto and santa clara and saratoga at 58, and 61 in union city, and belmont, and walnut creek, and 67 in pittsburg, a warm spot, and pleasanton, at 60, and san leandro at 62 and 56 in american canyon. this is how it looks from sutro tower it is clean all way over to oakland, and san francisco is going to top out at 70 with a few clouds near the coast and the rest us are sunny and the peninsula stops out at 81 and east bay 78 and inland, in the north bay at 88. we are starting clear here in san jose, 101 and 880, and as we head through tomorrow, we are going to get cooler wednesday it will be cooler and drizzle is possible both days and we are rid of the morning drizzle and we start a warming trend and it will be warm this weekend, and back for more news. >> 4:38, tom brady and the n head back to court in the deflate-gate case and what is at
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stake for the quarterback if the two sides do not reach a deal today. >> also, severe weather batters the east and west coast with major clean up efforts underway and the work is not over. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows early on monday morning, the last day of august, where did the year go? traffic is light and we will check out the traffic elsewhere check out the traffic elsewhere when we come so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point.
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we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealr toda!
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>> the abc news app on the go on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 4:41. happening today the nfl deflate-gate is if court. san mateo native tom brady and nfl commissioner goddell are back in front of a judge. brady is appealing the four-game suspension for allegedly using deflated footballs during a playoff game. the judge could rule on the case
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today if a settlement has not been reached. if no ruling is made and the appeal is not settled the suspension will start open saturday. >> one of the sacramento hometown heroes said his life is back to normal after he and two friends helped disarm a suspected terrorist in france. anthony sadler attended services in sacramento yesterday where his father is the pastor. >> he is adjusting but it is slow. some of it has to do with all of the travels and not so much the experience. some of it has to do with the experience, as well. that part is still soaking in to him and the entire family. >> anthony's father said he looks forward to celebrating when alek skarlatos and spencer stone refer to sacramento. all three friends are from there and the city plans a parade for they. >> major clean up efforts are underway at two different severe weather systems hit the east and
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the west coast. here is the latest >> the last thing they need in florida this morning is more rain. the recommend naps of erica drenching the state already in its third wettest august in history. >> we have sandbags set up but we might need more. not taking any chances. >> tampa residents home the sandbags can hold off the needing. in west palm beach it wiped away a wall of sand. >> this comes town my shoulder. >> across the country, another destructive system slammed the west coast. >> we had branches falling on trees in the hills. >> four runners injured dug a triathalon in washington state. the winds ripped apart stages and tents at a festival in seaside, oregon. felt like a tornado. >> it smashed trees into homes and powerlines, leave hundreds of thousands in the dark. >> we are targets.
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the lights are out. >> leading shaken homeowners grateful to have escaped. >> i saw the end of the tree just -- boom -- falling and i was like, >> hurricane ignacio is posting closer to hawaii with warnings at the big island and maui. >> time for a check on traffic. good news this morning for peninsula drivers. >> leyla, what is going on 101? >> excellent news for peninsula but bad for folks in the east bay. this is the san mateo bridge, and across the water to the peninsula not going to be a problem but we are seeing delays on sound 880 where we have a sig-alert, jackknifed big rig blocking lanes and debris with a sig-alert blocking southbound 880 approaching this area so if you have a flight to catch at airport airport be aware you
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could fine slow downs. sliding over the water as we head into burlingame this is what everyone wants to know, both side of 101 have re-opened, northbound and southbound side with the exception of broadway closed until noon but right now the traffic is back to normal with clear conditions northbound and southbound direction. >> thank you. >> cannot get a break in some areas. pretty good in others. walnut creek, we will on the weather window and show you it is clear at 61 headed outside. it will be mainly sunny today, slightly warmer than year, not so breezy but the clouds and drizzle are back bringing us the cooler afternoons tomorrow and wednesday and we will see a remain watching trend into the weekend of the right now the cloud cover, along the peninsula coast and that is it, so we will focus our attention on our next weather maker moving through the pacific northwest and a warming trend is why the warm front is right here, and that will come in today and quickly on the
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heels, it comes down and indouse the sea breeze and re-establish the many layer and bring us the drizzle the next couple of mornings and breezy and cool afternoon. right now we have wind at less than ten miles per hour and fairfield is 13 on live doppler hd. we talk about the temperatures, we are going to top out at and 79 in sunnyvale and the warmest is los gatos morgan hill and gilroy and santa cruz if you are going to the boardwalk, and 84 to 86 degrees. we will have 71 in millbrae, san mateo at 75, and flirting with 80 the rest of the peninsula, upper 60s half moon bay at 68 and daly city and colma and pacifica is 67 and toward the sunset, 66 and you can see the cud cover is stubborn along the peninsula coast today, on the bayside more sunshine and downtown and south san francisco, dress for temperatures around 70 to 73 degrees and 77 this sauce lady. we are seeing temperatures around the 60s along the not
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bay coast and 20 degrees warmer inland with petaluma at 81 and santa cruz at 88 degrees, and along the east bay shore berkeley is the coolest with hayward at 75 and we hit 77s in oakland and union city and castro valley at 79. inland, pretty nice, especially after morning in the 60s topping out in the mid-to-upper 80s and i would not be surprised if a few of the car thermometers could hit 90 on the asphalt this afternoon. tonight, you can see the cloud cover more extensive with drizzle is possible along the coast and the east bay hills mid-50 to low 60s. >> tomorrow, you will see a temperature drop of five degrees and the cooler is wednesday, thursday, temperatures rebound to tomorrow, and friday is a lot like today and saturday and sunday, a town of summer for the holiday weekend. back to you. >> google said they incorporate a big change to the chrome internet browser that most users will rejoin.
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>> the newest version ends sounds and votes that load in background tabs that users are not navigating, users have complained about having a number of tabs open and background votes start playing. they tried to give users a way to identify which dab had the video source with the addition of a speak are icon but the newest version ends it. >> google wants to make doing repairs to your home easier, as well. here is the tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes google launching a new home repair service, if you search for plumbers or carpenters will receive a prescreen list of experts who can be contacted right from the results payments, clearly only available in san francisco bay. >> call of duty is not released yet but it is breaking records. >> beta version launched august 19 and became the largest beta in play station history now out in november. >> big money for copies of the
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worst video games ever. urban ledge end said copies of e.t. remain buried because it was so bad. a dig was doubted in "game over." some wanted it 900 copies selling for over $100,000. those are the tech bytes. >> burning man is underway and titans who want to turn it into a year round festival. >> angry words and the impact fighting with your spouse could have on your health besides raising your blood pressure. >> looking at ferry building in >> looking at ferry building in san fra
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >> the time is enjoy 4:51 and a busy start to the morning as we look at san jose. this is northbound highway 101
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passing 880 ahead at bay shore we have an accident involving up to four vehicles and we have lanes blocked and c.h.p. running a traffic break so you see all lanes stopped this time so right now we are experiencing heavy delays coming away from alum rock. >> it is 4:52, the titans of technical want to turn burning man into a year round speckle, tesla c.e.o. and google cofounder have expressed interest in building a resort or city in nevada's black rock desert, the site. with plans for a mix of homes and community spaces both receiving a special tour last year during the event. the week long festival began yesterday. >> this were shark encounters that were too close for comfort. a surfer narrowly escape add great white shark attack on
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saturday at the state beach while waiting for a wave and she came face-to-face with the predator. >> i was on my board, further out than everyone else and i thought, what is that? it came up and bit my board. i thought it was a dolphin and then i turned around and started swimming. >> she made it safely to the beep but her surfboard did not do so well you can see the shark took a huge chunk out of it and the state bench will remain closed until tomorrow. a second sharken counter on saturday north of san diego, swimmers scrambled open to kayaks after sporting a human hammerhead. she said it was a >> scary. >> the first day of choose today at st. mary's college and students will be greeted by the freshly painted hillside letter
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"smc," from the incoming freshman done without payment brushes for a distinctly sloppy but fun tradition. the college sent us this video as part of the weekend wow for new and returning students. >> looks like they use their faces. >> nice. >> 4:54 and now a check with leyla and the latest on the peninsula. >> yes, the peninsula, the so the bay, east bay, you name it, we have heavy traffic, right now we are looking at san jose right now and 101 approaching old bayshore highway, you can see the traffic is stopped was we have an accident involving up to four cars just up ahead. that is causing major delays and c.h.p. is in which doing a traffic break. we have at least one lane blocked and right now it appears all lanes are mocked -- blocked with delays from before 880 to alum rock and traffic is
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building quickly. in the east bay, we have a sig-alert blocking lanes southbound 880, and sliding over to the peninsula, good news, both sides of highway 101 re-opened. mike? >> weather is calmer and more quiet this morning, a quick turn around, we had football last night, and baseball and angels in time taking on the a's dropping down to 64. sunshine to partly cloudy. around the state today, mid-90 through the central valley, and 70 in monterey, and 82 and sunshine and 91 in yosemite and 83 in los angeles with mostly sunny conditions, now, we had a big deal yesterday, we had three major hurricanes in the eastern pacific the first time that had happened, and ignacio is a strong hurricane but watch the spaghetti clock they keep it north of the island. rough surf and thunderstorms are going to be the big threat there and it will be gone by thursday. >> this morning, two high school
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football players near sacramento are recovering from brain surgery on the varsity team and just ended the game on friday night when people noticed something was wrong with them. one of the teens passed out. both everyone rushed to the hospital and underwent brain surgery. one is if critical condition. the school superintendent said that school officials and the boy's family are unaware of what triggered this and will review the game tame with mold officials. >> the american academy of pediatrics is urging parents to talk with their teens about the dangers of binge drugging. 75 percent of teens will experiment with alcohol and those teens are more likely to engage in risky boyfriend which can lead to unwanted regulatecies and irreversible brain damage. the act of addressing the danger with your teens leads them to make better choices. >> a study shows fighting with director spouse with cause wheat gain. researchers at the university of
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delaware and he state say couples who have hostile exchanges have poorer eating habits and arguing can cause an appetite triggering hormone to surge resulting in more frequent trips to refrigerator. the hunger some feel after a spat could have nothingive long-term health implications such as emotional eating or obesity. that was delaware and the ohio state university. >> the ohio state university. >> that is how they like to be referred. >> breaking news in the south bay where a fire causes significant damage to a school and we have the impact it will have on classes and kids today. >> adrenalin. >> rescuers describe the moment they found a 62-year-old hiker lost in the sierra for nine days and how she stayed alive. >> we leave you with live weather and traffic so you do not miss a thing.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at packal on monday morning, the last monday of august, thank you for joining us i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> is burlingame 101 and the broadway exit open? leyla gulen has the latest on that. >> a lot more, good morning, everyone, at 5:00 a.m. take a look at


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